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greensIRON 3900

The greensIRON3900 is Wood Bay’s high performance turf roller. It adds a new dimension to the average putting surface by providing golfers with a Masters’ greens experience. Golf Superintendents who have a greensIRON3900 in their fleet know that it can roll their greens to championship condition quickly and efficiently, even during tournament play.

The greensIRON3900 is in use at an ever increasing number of golf courses throughout the world. Included in these are several of golf’s Championship courses on six of the world’s seven continents, including many of the principal courses in North America and in Scotland, the birthplace of golf.

To maintain its reputation as a World Class Performer, the greensIRON3900 has a number of uniquely styled and well engineered features. Primarily, it is easy and comfortable for grounds staff to operate and is designed to offer a consistent speed and a true roll. Powerful enough to manouvre its mechanical features and carry an operator, heavy enough to effect the best possible results, the greensIRON3900’s footprint is lighter than a golfer standing over a putt.

The uniquely designed handle bars make it easier to steer and the Hydro-Gear makes the transition from one direction to another very smooth and easy, even for the least experienced operator. The greensIRON3900’s performance is aided by the design of its Super Turf Trac coated roller which is tapered at each end to provide a ridge-free finish. This rubber-tracked drive roller provides superior climbing ability even on the steepest of undulating greens and approaches.

The greensIRON 3900 is the machine that Golf Superintendents trust to add that Championship’ touch to their greens.

The greensIRON3900 is powered by a Honda GX160 5.5 hp engine (link to GX160 manual). World renowned for its reliability, the Honda engine is mounted on anti-vibration dampers and has an oil drain tap, factory installed for ease of servicing.

For producing consistent, tour-quality greens the greensIRON 3900 has no equal. Golfers will love the smooth quality putting surfaces achieved with the greensIRON 3900. Its consistent speed and truer roll make for lower scores.

Operators appreciate the easy transition from one direction to another without scuffing their turf. Its rubber-tracked roller provides superior climbing ability, even on the steepest of greens and approaches.

On average, grounds’ personnel may use 30% less topdressing with the greensIRON 3900. Rolling your greens to perfection is a term that is used with true conviction.

Transportation from green to green is made convenient by way of an attractive, easy haul, multi-use trailer that comes standard with the greensIRON3900.

A number of optional components are designed to work with and alongside the greensIRON 3900. Pending your course pathways, a Side-loading Trailer, designed specifically for navigating narrow bridges and cart paths, is an optional accessory. Others include two high illumination lights, for dusk to dawn operation, an Electric Start in the form of a convenient on-off switch, and attachments such as the Turf Broom and the Turf Ventilator.
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greensIRON 3900 TECHNICAL INFORMATION Rollers One 39″ x 6.75″ Super Turf Trac coated, tapered on each end to prevent ridging Two 39 x 4.5″ steering rollers, tapered on each end Motor Honda GX160 5.5hp engine mounted on anti-vibration dampers to ensure low vibration Oil drain tap installed for ease of servicing Transmission – Hydrostatic Model Hydro-Gear 10 CC piston pump and hydraulic motor Speed – Recommended rolling speed of 6 – 10 mph (1,000 sq. ft. per min) Weight – 520lbs (236kg) – 3.6 psi Multi-Use Trailer – Steel body construction, interior coated with a polyurea/polyurethane liner to provide better traction, prevent rust, mould and mildew Available in Red or Green


Price: $15,400.00

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