AW10 Antiwear 5 litre

AW10 Antiwear

  • Need to delay rebuilding gearboxes, diffs, engines, etc?
  • Stiff, notchy gear shifts
  • Engine/gear rattles, diff whines?
  • Pre-trip preparation - de-stress engines, gearboxes, diffs, power steering, etc
  • Want to optimize power & performance?

AW10 Antiwear is formulated to deliver massive increases in lubricant load carrying ability, wear reduction and friction (& heat) reduction. Cut internal friction, and you minimize component things last much longer.

Directions for Use Just add to oil at these rates... * Engine Oil 2% (20Ml per Litre, including 2 stroke oil) * Transmissions 5% (50Ml per Litre, incl diffs & final drives) * Hydraulics 1% (Earthmoving, automatic transmissions, power steering, tractor, industrial, etc)


Price: $250.00

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